About Us

Main areas covered by the service:
  • Project Scope - defining goals and requirements, evaluation of user needs, identification and evaluation of options, cost-benefit analysis, etc.
  • Selection - criteria, process, approval, etc.
  • Preparation - archival/curatorial assessment and prep, records description, preservation/conservation assessment and prep, etc.
  • Descriptive systems - data standards, metadata schema, encoding schema, controlled vocabularies, etc.
  • Project management - plan of work, budget, staffing, training, records handling guidelines, work done in-house vs. contractors, work space, oversight and coordination of all aspects, etc.
  • Access to digital resources - web delivery system, migrating images and metadata to web, etc.
  • Legal issues - access restrictions, copyright, rights management, etc.
  • IT infrastructure - determination of system performance requirements, hardware, software, database design, networking, data/disaster recovery, etc.
  • Project Assessment - project evaluation, monitoring and evaluation of use of digital assets created, etc.
  • Digital preservation - long-term management and maintenance of images and metadata, etc.
  • Digitization of audio/visual and moving image materials Management of "born-digital" materials.
  • 2D - 3D Digital Image Acquisition
  • Auto-tagging
  • Visual retrieval and CBR
  • Art on-demand
  • Color calibration, color certification
  • User experience
  • User interface and system usabilities (including mobile phone UI)
  • Forensic image analysis
  • Image enhancement, image restoration
  • Tone mapping
  • HDR (high dynamic range)
  • Leading Edge Applications: Galleries, Libraries, Education, Archaeological Sites, Museums & Historical Tours
  • Mediterranean Initiatives in Technology for Cultural Heritage: Synergy with European International Programmes
  • Integrated Digital Archives for Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art
  • Management of Museums by using ICT Technology: Access, Guides, Documentation & Other Services
  • The Impact of New Mobile Communications on Cultural Heritage and Modern Arts Area
  • Human - Computer Interaction for Cultural Heritage Applications
  • Copyright Protection (Watermarking & Electronic Commerce)
  • Culture and e-government
  • Activities and Programmes for e-learning
  • Application of Digital Terrestrial Television
  • 3D Developments and Applications in the Cultural Heritage Area
  • Cultural Tourism & Travel Applications
  • Art and Medicine
  • Restoration and long term preservation of traditional and digital born audio-visual items