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About Us

What kind of work do you do?:
  1. I offer consulting solutions for R&D projects, from local to international cooperation.
  2. I also provide guidelines in the field of imaging and audio-visual restoration and preservation.
  3. Being a professional photographer with a BFA from RIT University has allow me to work on specific photo assignments for over 20 years.
  4. Last but not least, thanks to my certification in Museum Studies and work at the Image Permanence Institute (and in several conservation laboratories), I provide expertise in the conservation and preservation domain.

How much do you charge? I can charge by the hour, by flat fee, by daily or monthly rate. Typically, before working in a project I plan with my client an estimation for the time to be consumed in the proposal in order to provide a close estimate to the final bill.
How long it can take for an offer to be deployed? Our services vary according to the client's needs. Typically in few days any request will be answer and in few weeks a full proposal will be formulated.
What kind of guarantee do you offer? The services are agreed with the client and the client is always informed about the details of a specific services, timing, expenses, requirements and so on. The quality of the service is also guarantee by the top brand names of the technical partners that are supply, (when needed), the specific technological packages through Cultural Heritage Consulting.
How long you have worked in the field? I have worked in those fields since 1994 and I feel very passionate about my job which I dedicate always maximum attention in order to deliver always top-notch services and results for my clients and users.
Can you travel to my office if I need to discuss the proposal face-to-face? Yes, any request is always very seriously taken into account. If face to face meetings are needed in order to better clarify specific needs, Cultural Heritage Consulting to send its professional representative to your own office. Travelling charges are counted according to the best market rate and low cost airfare are always considered, when possible.
What is your success rate? My clients are very satisfied by the service so we can assume that the success rate in a proposal or in the accomplishment of a demanding task is indeed high.
Can you work with both private and public bodies? Yes indeed, in fact working with both private and public sector has been quite normal for Cultural Heritage Consulting.
Do you have any referral to contact? The technical partners we cooperate are already excellent referrals. However if you need any additional information please check out our Linkedin profile (and endorsement names) or contact us directly.
Where can I find latest news and information about new project opportunities, new call for proposals, new tenders? We have a very busy RSS feeder that you can connect and get many breaking news and last minute updates in the fields we are covering. In addition we try to post on our web site and recent news or update work, when we can.
Can I get your consulting work but keep my own technologies/services? Yes, our services and supporting tools/items, if any are independent from each other so during the project planning we can together decide the best approach and the specific needs that our client might have.
What do you mean by working through "modules"? Our solutions can be seen in an independent manner where every piece of the service (or puzzle) might be able to work with the other pieces or deploy also as a stand-alone item. So our various tools and items that we provide could work together, but if needed, we can consider for a specific need or client, only specific ones.
What kind of warranty do I get from your products? Technologically speaking, all our technical products (ie. monitors, software, servers, watermarking solution, digital cameras, scanners, etc) carry on the manufacture standard international warranty. Additional and extensive warranty coverage including additional extended /after sale/ support might be available for specific services/needs.