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About Us

Cultural Heritage Consulting is offering the opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises belonging to every sector (including public institutions) to be constantly informed of all financial resources from grants and incentives available to any public and private regulatory level: European, national, regional, and municipal levels.
Direct information and focus on customer needs allows us to work at our best, offering a tailored consulting service aimed at the development of projects to achieve positive results in terms of economic benefactors for the customer.

Our experience allows us to provide the companies with an innovative and targeted service, it perfectly identifies the essential skills to draft a plan that reflects the fees charged by the various bid tender competitions.

We offer the following services:

    Policy & Research:
  • Integration of Intelligent Transport Systems within transport strategies
  • Scientific research
  • Feasibility studies
  • User needs analysis
  • Market studies, business plan & procurement advice
  • Networking?
    Project definition:
  • European project development
  • Concept development and system specification
  • Socio-economic and cost-benefit analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Project and implementation management reccomandations
  • Data management & support