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About Us

To provide consultation for preservation and restoration on both traditional "vintage" material and digital matters including long term preservation and storage recommendations. Recommendations to create a costly-effective traditional restoration or digital laboratory are available (covering all the aspect of the restoration/preservation chain, from planning the space/infrastructure to the detailed order of the needed tools and equipment).
Long-Term Storage Services:

Cultural Heritage Consulting is providing the guidelines and best practice to set-up a secure, managed repository for digital content of enduring value, with an assurance that the data will be preserved and retrievable over time. This level of service requires a minimal level of administrative and descriptive metadata to enable management and retrieval by the owner of the object or their designee.
Core services include:

Secure long-term storage with regular backup protocols.
Management of digital assets in order to ensure that they are secured and retrievable.
Preservation policies and procedures.
Discovery and retrieval.
Additional services include:

Development of access tools and interfaces.
Consultation on digital asset creation.
Archival Storage.

The rapidity of changing hardware, software, and file formats makes this an extraordinarily challenging task. In order to make digital preservation possible, Cultural Heritage Consulting recommend that content be submitted in particular formats (i.e.. Jpeg2000, jpegXR, MPEG-4, WAV, RAW) and with specific metadata (i.e.. DublinCore, IPTC-Photo Metadata) requirements that are in compliance with national and international standards and best practices for digital preservation (ie. ANSI standards and Image Permanence Institute guidelines).