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About Us

Independent consultant to museums and the cultural heritage sector specializing in digital strategy for institutions of all sizes. Special interest in projects that combine cultural heritage and education. Working with companies, nonprofits, governments, foundations, individual investors and philanthropists to develop and implement sustainable and scalable business models contributing to positive social change.
Excellent relationship building, as well as negotiation and persuasion skills.
During the past 19 years activity as a project manager in cultural heritage projects I have aquired an in-depth knowledge from the local to the global sector. I have a good understanding and experience with policy making, the workings of government, public / private funding partnerships, easily combined with hands-on activities if required. My analytic abilities and structured writing skills make my policy plans clear, thorough and commercially successful.

    I offer the following areas of expertise:

  • Project manager on cultural heritage projects
  • Long term preservation and conservation policy maker
  • Strategic planning
  • Fundraising services
  • Digitization workflow
  • IPR, content licensing, content protection
  • Art on demand - large format printing in museums and galleries
  • Product and project managed the service's development projects.


Expertise in strategic planning, business sourcing and procurement, budgeting and forecasting, online digital resources and publications, business plan, marketing sustainability, open access policies and issues.


Image enhancement, visual retrieval, R&D project support, CMS, watermarking and IPR, content licensing, photographic campaigns, art-on-demand, personalised cultural heritage services, photo restoration, long term preservation, save our memory, audio-visual sustainability, project management and co-ordination, digitisation workflow, image-tagging, content based retrieval, smart cities, museums and the web, metadata harvesting, forensic image analysis, usability, beta testing on selected state-of-the-art technologies, IPTC Photo-Metadata, image compression, multimedia standards.